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Mercy Joy Ministries Vocational School Program

Creates new business and job opportunities and a better life for young people and their families.

The Vocational Sponsorship Program was developed to help adolescents and young adults to maximize their talent potential.  This economic empowerment program helps young people take ownership of their futures in breaking the cycle of poverty in their families and communities.


The school is a 2-year training program for the most impoverished young people who want to better their lives and those around them.  The holistic approach of the program covers an individual educational, spiritual, and social needs as most students come from broken homes and poor backgrounds. 


Students receive classroom and hands-on training, discipleship, boarding, uniforms, training materials and meals.  Vocational courses include, but are not limited to: Auto/Motorcycle Mechanics, IT, Electrical Engineering, Seamstress, Agricultural, Beautician, Construction and much more! 

For around $2.50 per day ($80/month) you can sponsor a Ugandan to attend.  This can lead to new business development, job placement, and economic empowerment for an individual, their family and communities.


Click on the button below to view photos and profiles of vocational school candidates waiting to be sponsored.  Sponsor a student today and change a life forever!  Please join us in making a difference! 

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