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Mercy Joy Ministries Child Sponsorship Program

The Mercy Joy Ministries Child Sponsorship Program helps to break the cycle of poverty one child and family at a time by providing support to needy children through educational sponsorship. The cost to sponsor a child is just a little over a $1.50 per day ($50/month) for a K-12 student which covers many basic needs.  


The child is provided an education, discipleship, a uniform, school materials, a meal, and much more.  They also receive the very most important aspect of child sponsorship, which is HOPE and the relationship built between a sponsor and a child.  The love and commitment shown by you as a sponsor to a child is often their greatest motivation to work hard and do well in School (See Mercy Joy's Board Member Michael Lwanga's story).


Why wait any longer?  Click on the button below to view photos and profiles of children waiting to be sponsored.  Sponsor a child in need today through Mercy Joy Ministries child sponsorship program and change a life forever!  You will be the embodiment of our ministry motto in doing "Small Things For Big Impact".  Please join us in making a difference today! 

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