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Sponsor A Mercy Joy Child Today!

At Mercy Joy Ministries we believe as our motto say "Small Things For Big Impact".  When you sponsor a child at Mercy Joy Ministries you are changing the course of their life forever and most likely their family as well.  We believe Christ, Education, and Economic Empowerment are the keys to life change and transformation.

For just a little over a $1.50 per day ($50/month) you can sponsor a Ugandan  child in grades K-12.  This will provide each child with an education, discipleship, uniform, school materials, a meal and much, much more!  

For just a little over $2.50 per day ($80/month) you can sponsor a Ugandan adolescent to attend a vocational boarding school.  Vocational School is a  2-year program that will provide discipleship and vocational training in fields such as: Mechanic, IT, Agricultural, Construction, Beautician, Video Production and much more!  This can lead to opening a new business, job placement, and economic empowerment for an individual and their family.  

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